Frequently Asked Questions

What does Torku mean?

Torku is described as pure as silk, clean, solid and silky in Mahmud al-Kashgari’s work Divani-Lugat-it-Turk.

Torku is registered trademark of Konya Şeker San. ve Tic. A.Ş. which is a farmers’ cooperative and it is the brand of products which are offered by processing handicraft crops of its stakeholder farmers in natural and delicious form.

Is Torku a 100% domestic brand?

It is a brand of products produced in food premises enabling sustainability of agriculture and livestock activities within roof company Anadolu Birlik Holding under which affiliates of farmers' cooperative establishment Konya Şeker San. ve Tic. A.Ş. are gathered and it is 100% domestic and national.

What is lactose-free milk, is it different from regular milk?

Sugar which is naturally contained by milk, is called lactose. Lactose can be digested by lactase which is an enzyme secreted by intestine. In case of insufficient secretion of lactase enzyme or no secretion, sensivity to milk, ie. lactose intolerance occurs. This situation manifests itself with bloating in intestine. For this reason, lactose-free milk has been developed for lactose intolerant people.

Is Torku Farmer’s Milk a daily milk?

Torku Farmer's Milk is pasteurized milk. Daily milk is actually the general name which is given to pasteurized milk. Torku Farmer's milk is a whole (3,5%) pasteurized milk type. There is also Torku branded whole pasteurized milk type on the shelves.

Do you produce special gluten-free product for celiac patients?

Celiac disease causes damage in digestive structures of intestines. Therefore, it is a digestive disease preventing absorption of nutrients in foods and causing damage in small intestine. People with celiac disease are intolerant to protein called gluten in wheat, barley, rye and oat. We care about our consumers with celiac disease. Our products containing gluten are stated in package content information. Our gluten-free product has not been not offered to the market and gluten-free product production for different product groups is in our R&D activities.

Do you use Carmine in your products?

Carmine is a pigment of a bright-red color obtained from aluminium salt or carminic acid. This pigment is produced from some insect species that are in Dactylopius coccus family and live as parasites on cacti.

It is permitted to use carmine (E 120) in deli meat products such as salami and sausage. Considering customer sensitivity regarding carmine, we don’t use carmine in our Torku branded products. In our relevant products, we declare with “carmine-free” vignette on the package that we don't use carmine.

Do you have social responsibility project?

We have social responsibility projects relating to education, health, sports and environment and you can reach further information by clicking the link below.

Do you give dealership for Torku shop?

We don’t have any attempt as Torku Shop and we have Doğrudan Market formations where we sell Torku branded products offered by utilizing crops of our farmer partners and products of other farmers’ organizations. At the present time, these markets are operated within our own structure and franchise is not given now.

Do all of your products have halal certificate?

Most of our products produced in our facilities which are periodically audited within the scope of TSE Halal Standard, have halal certificate. Our Torku branded products are produced after controlled by considering halal standards. You can reach our products with halal certificate through the link below.

Is gelatin used in your products? Do you use bovine gelatin?

In Torku branded soft candy varieties, halal certified bovine gelatin is used. Bovine gelatin is accepted on the batch basis after Type analysis is performed in our Laboratory accredited within the scope of TS EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Do you perform GMO analysis?

We have a laboratory performing GMO analysis within the framework of Biosafety Law and accredited within the scope of TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 which is the first in Turkey. Inputs with GMO and Type risk (such as gelatin) are accepted to the factory after being analyzed.

Do Doğrudan market and Doğrudan döner give franchise?

Both Doğrudan markets and Doğrudan Döner restaurants are operated within our company and franchise is not given now.

Is “100% beet sugar” statement or vignette used on the package?

“Sugar beet” is the origin of our sugar and sugar derivative inputs used in our products offered to the market in our country.

Pasteurized Liquid Sugar (glucose solution/beet sugar solution) and Pasteurized Invert Sugar (invert sugar syrup/beet sugar syrup), were produced by Konya Şeker San. ve Tic. A.Ş. for the first time. “Beet sugar”, “% beet sugar” and “produced from beet sugar“ statements and vignettes were removed from our packages in accordance with notification made by the Ministry because Sugar Communication does not contain any description relating to beet sugar.

Within the scope of the opinion received from the Ministry according to scientific information; besides sugar descriptions which must be written according to the legislation, we started to declare our sugar inputs as follows in order to indicate in brackets that its source is “beet sugar”; “sugar (beet sugar)”, “sugar solution (beet sugar solution or beet sugar syrup)” and “invert sugar syrup (beet sugar syrup)”.

Reuse of “100% beet sugar”, “produced from beet sugar” statements came up with Food Labeling and Consumer Information Regulation.