About us

We are 900 thousand farmers, who cultivate the fertile soils of Anatolia and make natural production and we process what we produce in our plants and offer them to you with our own brand. We come to your home sand tables with our brand; Torku.

We bring the efforts of our producers from the field to your tables.

We produce our seeds, fertilizer  and  feed ourselves. We offer you the fertility of Anatolian soil and our efforts to you by valuing naturalness, health and quality above everything in our plants, without using any intermediaries so that you consume with trust.

Our fertile soil is our most valuable treasure. We do not act by thinking of today and aim to leave this treasure for the future, for our children by making it  even more beautiful. Tothisend, we protect both our seed sand soil. Also thinking of our future, we have planted 18.5 million  trees in Konya Plains  so far and continue to plant trees.

We  are Torku, we are Konya Seker

Torku offers a wide product range from the seed to the fork with Konya Seker guarantee

Offering a wide product range today with Konya Seker guarantee to consumers, Torku receives its name from the oldest known dictionary of Turkish; Divan-I Lugat’I Turk Meaning “silky, strong like silk,” we said hello to the consumers with Torku with chocolate products in 2007 and reached a wide range from bakery products to chocolate covered products, candy, frozen potatoes to dairy and meat products, bulghur to fruit juice and vinegar to turnip juice. We continue to enlarge this range every day and increase our product variety.

We offer the products, we produce under Torku brand, from seed to your table and fork with a trustworthy food chain system at every stage. Most of the raw materials of almost all products , we produce, are produced by our farmers.

We offer the sweet estate of sugar beet with Konya Seker guarantee. As per our policy of seed to fork food policy, our guarantee begins with sugar beet  seeds, produced by Konya Seker, without Genetically Modified Organism and continues with training and support it provides for the farmers during the growing period of beet. Konya Seker has one fourth of existing sugar production in Turkey at its two plants with high technology.

We implement our from these seed to the fork policy not only for sugar but also all of our products from candy to chocolate, biscuits to cakes and wafers, for which we use this sugar as a raw material. We also never compromise high quality standards for raw materials, other than sugar. We produce our Torku brand products with high quality raw materials and very special recipes, developed by our experienced  R&D experts, in addition to high technology, at our production facilities.

We continue Konya Seker guarantee also in frozen food products.

Aiming to ensure added value to all kinds of its producing partners and to offer healthy, trustworthy and high quality products to the consumers while achieving this, Konya Seker offers special products, such as finger potato varieties, onion rings and potato croquettes it produces, at high quality standards by freezing. We ensure that our products, such as sugar beet, which are monitored by Konya Seker during every stage from seed stage, are frozen very quickly to preserve their freshness at the field, without using any additive so preservatives. Our products, we offer our consumers with Torku brand, are in the menus of major restaurant chains, among which there are some international brands as well.

Torku Trustworthy Food Chain in meat and dairy products.

‘Torku Trustworthy Food Chain,’ behind which there is Konya Seker with its 900 thousand farmer partners, has two fundamentals. The first and the most important one of these Fundamentals is our raw material supply model, which consists of certified farmers and the other one is our Smart Production Facility, where high technology is used and the highest level of hygiene is ensured.

We, as Konya Seker, obtain trustworthy raw materials primarily from our “certified farmers,” who have completed special training.

Milk, obtained from our certified farmers, are analyzed and checked regularly and we also make regular checks by our veterinaries for animal health and welfare.

Animals of our stock breeders are checked in detail by Konya Seker veterinarian  sand origin and vaccine history of the animals are examined forTorku meat products.

Smart Production Facility with high technology and hygiene standards

Care and precision in raw material supply process in Torku Trustworthy Food Chain continues increasingly at production facilities. We provide clean air, which is as clean as that of a surgery room, inside our production facilities, thanks to the smart ventilation system and heap filters. Entrance to the facilities is only via hygiene areas .In addition, traditional white cheese production technology, untouched by human hands, is used here, which is a first in Turkey. We disinfect carcass meat with a special method, called ecological disinfection, where only water and salt is used without using any chemicals.

We also show the sensitivity, we show for the production process for your health, for the environment and utilize waste water for the irrigation of farming fields.

You and your loved ones can consume our products with  piece of mind with ‘Torku Trustworthy Food Chain.’

Natural and healthy products for consumers and demand guarantee for the harvest of the producers

Considering  the agricultural activities of our producers from seed to table as a chain, Konya Seker primarily ensures development of the whole of this chain. With this understanding, while Konya Seker offers end consumers natural and healthy products for the consumers with Torku brand, it also achieves to create demand guarantee for the harvest of the producers.