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Taste and quality are exported to 74 countries with Torku brand

Tastes of Anatolia with efforts of sugar beet farmers are exported to a total of 74 countries in Europe and America, in addition to The Middle East and Asia.

Konya Seker offers the products, produced by Turkish farmers, to 74 countries

Konya Seker believes in and adopts the goals of Turkey for 2023.

Konya Şeker as one of the locomotive institutions of the agricultural sector in Turkey, exports many food and beverage products, including candy, chocolate, milk and dairy products, types of frozen potatoes, spreadable chocolate cream, types of turnip juice (şalgam) and bulghur (and also non-food products, such as irrigation systems for the use of farmers in other countries) to 74 countries, including China, India, The Middle East, Africa, Balkans,CommonWealth of Independent State  ( CIS ) , Europe and South America. Konya Seker, which is in the top three among the companies, which have increased Anatolia’s exports the most, carries out approximately 72 per cent of frozen potato exports from our country by itself.

Konya Seker’s export objective is to turn the raw materials, produced by Turkish farmers to end products and to make them available for the consumption of the whole World...

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