-It tastes good-
because it is natural
-It is rich-
Because of its soil
Torku 100% Doğal

A sincere journey from fertile lands to your tables...

We blend fertile lands of Anatolia with love, we process our products in our factories meticulously. We become story of your tables every time in order to enable you to consume safely, healthily and peacefully. We enjoy being one of you with our products ranging from crystal sugar to packaged crystal and cube sugar, from liquid sugar to dessert syrup, from brown sugar to chocolate, from Turkish delight and candy to wafer, from cake to biscuit, from fresh red meat to meat products such as soudjouk, salami, sausage, from milk to dairy products such as yoghurt, ayran, cheese, from frozen french fries to onion rings, from potato croquettes to refined sunflower oil, from fruit juice to vinegar, from tahini to molasses, from modern greenhouse products such as tomato to pizza, from turnip juice called turnip juice to bulghur varieties.

Torku Misyonuzmuz
Torku 100% Doğal
Torku 100% Doğal
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